Engine Services

4-stroke top end $495
4-stroke top/bottom end  $550 (out of bike) $795 (complete bike)
4-stroke head rebuild $175
4-stroke valve guide $25 each
4-stroke head porting $495
4-stroke carb clean/jetting $150-$300

2-stroke top end $295
2-stroke top/bottom end  $450(out of bike) $695 (complete bike)
Cylinder plating $225-$300
Combustion chamber machining $50-$100
2-stroke carb rebuild/jetting $120

Suspension Services

Shock rebuild $120 (off the bike) $145 (on the bike)
Fork rebuild (complete) $175 (off the bike) $195 (on the bike)
Fork rebuild (seals only) $70 (off the bike) $90 (on the bike)

Basic services

Bike wash $25 (required for dirty bikes before service)
Wheel lacing $125-$150
Tube change $25
Tire change $30
Steering bearing replacement $90
Wheel bearing replacement $20
Linking/swingarm bearing replacement $155

* Labor prices only, prices do not include parts/shop supplies.
* Retail price for suspension oil is $30 for an entire re-valve or rebuild
* A $5-$15 shop supply fee is added to every suspension/engine service. (Paper towels, contact cleaner, solvent shims ect.)
* Shop rate is $80 per hour

We stand behind our services 100%, but any part failures due to defective parts or misuse are not WKR’s responsibility.