Honor Box

This is the way to use the honor box to pay when you come out to the track.

1) Pull up to the gate and stop.
2) Grab a sign in sheet from the info box.
3) Use one line for every person that’s in your group including spectators.
4) For each person that you sign in, indicate with an X what they are riding or if they are spectating.
5) Tear the top of the form off and put it in your dash. This is so I can easily see if you have paid.
6) Put the sign in sheet along with your payment into the envelope. This allows me to see that you’ve paid. If the money is put in the box separate I have no idea which group that money belongs to.
7) Write your license plate number on the envelope.
8) Put the envelope in the payment mailbox.
9) Please close the gate behind you when coming or going. This makes sure that others know they are supposed to stop and sign in too.

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